Shower Tile

Custom Shower Tile InstallationNew shower tile will remake the decor of your bathroom. It will create a spa-like atmosphere that soothes. From marble to mosaics, you have found the right source for designing extraordinary beauty and installing it flawlessly.

Custom Shower Tile

  • Do you want to maximize relaxation? Imagine surrounding yourself in a wall of soothing natural stones.
  • Do you like your showers invigorating? Wake up your senses with vibrant color patterns and glass, coupled with superb lighting.
  • Are you redesigning your home? You can carry through to the bath the look and themes you love. We are known for fresh inspiration.
  • Choose marble, natural stone, mosaics, porcelain or ceramic.

Worth the Investment
New shower tile is one of the top ways to add value and appeal to your home. It makes your total living experience more enjoyable every day. At the same time, if you’re thinking of selling down the line, a tasteful and luxurious bath is always at the top of home buyers’ most-wanted lists.


Expert Design and Installation

  • We source and install top quality brands, and custom design spaces that work.
  • We have earned the reputation as one of the area’s best tile installers, in business since 1979, and have been showcased year after year in the Parade of Homes.
  • Contrary to what many people believe, tile and grout are not waterproof. You must have the right membrane properly installed beneath; otherwise, you risk rotting your walls and risking your safety.
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced installation methods have kept us at the top of Angie’s List for years.

Incredible, Versatile Tile

Use different sizes and colors to create textural interest. The right look can appear to enlarge a shower. Decorators use it to carry a color scheme or make a bold statement all its own. Accent strips and borders break up long expanses of wall. Call now for the best in premium grade tile installed superbly.

In-demand Amenities

When we add your new shower tile in Minnetonka, you will have the opportunity to reinvent the space itself.

  • Consider bench seating – A customized, built-in shower bench makes bathing easy, safe and convenient. We make it blend seamlessly into the rest of the stall.
  • Tub surrounds – Let us bring a custom look to your bathtub/shower combination so that you will be surrounded by elegance.
  • Shampoo shelves – Add custom ledges or niches for soaps, shampoos and more in natural stone or ceramic. They’re not just attractive; they are safe and functional. You will not have to bend or strain to reach essential items.
  • As your source for shower tile in Minnetonka, we will put your personal statement on your most personal space.

Consider Glass

  • The shimmering look of glass tile is one of the hottest trends around – but not a fad. It is timeless.
  • From retro chic to Zen modern, there is a style that fits any décor.
  • Let us create a custom look that complements your signature style. Choose from tiny mosaics or large, bold blocks and geometric shapes.
  • Colors can be solid, variegated, or fantasy-inspired iridescent.
  • Bathe yourself in natural light as well as water. Glass block lets the sun shine into your shower yet still preserves a sense of privacy. We can also create a dramatic partition between shower and bathroom.

Safety First

Do you have children or older family members? Let us help you choose different tile textures and sizes for sure footing. There is never a reason to be concerned about slips and falls in the shower.

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